About πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Hi guys, thanks for checking out my About page. My name is Pinn Yang, the co-founder of Good Foodie Media. I’m 30 this year and my passion is digital media, side hustle, and investing.

Things that I’m currently building are:

  • Content + Commerce across our sites (https://foodie.asia). Also building a food & travel marketplace for 2023.
  • Helping friends & family build their site for free + gain more side income
  • My own TikTok channel @yang, currently 2.4mil social media followers
  • Facebook – Pinn Yang 560k followers

In 2016, I founded Penang Foodie, a food blog that covers food and cafe recommendations in Penang as my side hustle after quitting my full-time job at WeChat Malaysia, Tencent.

I went back to Penang and kept it as a side hustle while still working on my full-time job by day. To be honest, I only wanted to earn an extra RM5/day through blogging. I told myself it would cover my lunch meal. Within 5 months, I collected my first USD100 cheque from Google AdSense and I felt a huge sense of achievement. 1.5 years later, I quitted my day job and founded a digital media company with my co-founders, Edward and Rui Mei. And the journey continues.

Fast forward today, we operate a handful of digital media brands in Malaysia, Bangkok & Singapore. Collectively, we have more than 15 million social media followers, with 2.5 million website visitors and 80 million video views monthly. We also run other niche media such as Malaysia Homie and Travel Rookie.

I’ve spent time learning new bits of knowledge that apply to my next chapter. Specifically, I’ve spent time learning and understanding the media business, entrepreneurship, passive income, blogging, and about life. Combining these topics is my passion and this is a place (website) for me to share thoughts through this process.

If you’re interested in these topics, make sure to follow my journey here. I hope you enjoy reading. Let’s hustle together and achieve the life you’ve been aiming for.